Trace Evidence Collection in Veterinary Forensic Pathology

Session Chairs: Sean P. McDonough, DVM PhD DACVP | Beverly McEwen, DVM MSc PhD DACVP | Tabitha C. Viner, DVM, DACVP

Trace evidence can be an important part of the forensic necropsy. This workshop will focus on techniques to collect and preserve trace evidence. Specific topics covered will include collecting DNA samples, using an alternate light source to aid in the identification and collection of trace evidence, and a systematic approach to collect evidence in cases of suspected zoophilia.

Jessica Hovingh, MS: The Use of Alternative Light Sources to Identify Biological Fluids and Trace Evidence
Adam Stern, DVM DACVP: The Forensic Postmortem Examination Approach to Animal Sexual Abuse
Erin Meredith, MS: Collection and Preservation of DNA Evidence in Veterinary Medicolegal Death Investigations

RACE credits applied for = 3.75

ACVP Pre-Meeting Workshop