The Nuts And Bolts of Digital Pathology in Practice

Session Chairs: Chandra Saravanan, DVM MS PhD DACVP | Candice P. Chu DACVP

In the past two decades, whole slide imaging (WSI) has shown promises in next generation pathology practice, including applications in education, research, and clinical practice. This session will focus on practical issues surrounding deployment of digital pathology, including integral hardware components of contemporary WSI devices, fundamentals of laboratory information system, and validation of digital pathology workflow. In addition, user experiences from three different groups (academics, diagnostics, and pharma/biotech) will be presented. This session is aimed at audience with entry level in digital pathology and may help them to set up and/or enhance digital pathology workflow in their organization.

Anil Parwani, MD: Overview of Whole Slide Imaging Devices and Their Applications in Modern Pathology Department
Angela Doxsey, MS: Laboratory Information System: Fundamentals and Support of Laboratory Operation
Robert Klopfleisch, dACVP: Validation of Digital Microscopy: Review of Validation Methods and Sources of Bias
Sarah Barett, DVM PhD DACVP: Digital Pathology User Experiences in Diagnostics
Yava Jones-Hall, DVM PhD DACVP: Digital Pathology User Experiences in Diagnostics
Lindsay Tomlinson, DVM DVSc DACVP DABT: Digital Pathology User Experiences in Diagnostics

RACE credits applied for = 3

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