Getting into the Hard Stuff: Tumors of Bone, Cartilage, and Dental Tissues

Session Chair: Jennifer L. Chapman, DVM DACVP

Speakers will present material from the fourth volume of the series, “Surgical Pathology of Tumors of Domestic Animals: Tumors of Bone, Cartilage and Other Hard Tissues.” Presentations include: General Considerations for Hard Tissues; Integrating Cytology, Radiology and Immunohistochemistry into the Diagnosis of Hard Tissue Tumors; Key Features of Selected Bone Tumors; Key Features of Bone & Cartilage Tumors Using a Case-Based Approach; Key Features of Fibrous, Bony, and Dental Tumors of the Jaw; and Case Discussion.

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Note: 6.5 hours of RACE credit for this workshop will be offered by the Davis-Thompson Foundation

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