Concurrent Session: Pigs as a Translational Model

Session Chairs: Kris Helke, DVM PhD DACVP | David K. Meyerholz, DVM MS PhD DACVP DACVM

The pig (Sus scrofa) is becoming a more frequently used species in clinical and biomedical research. Recently published studies on background lesions and standardized pathology nomenclature in pigs further highlight this emergence. This session will highlight the role of the pig in translational studies and present new opportunities for pathologists involved in translational and comparative medicine. Topics will include an overview, medical devices, xenotransplantation, common diseases of the pig as well as genetically modified porcine models.

Kris Helke, DVM PhD DACVP: All Pigs Are Not Created Equal: Species and Breed Differences
Eric Burrough, DVM PhD DACVP: Common Nutritional and Infectious Diseases That Can Infiltrate Investigative Studies in Swine
David Meyerholz, DVM MS PhD DACVP DACVM: Swine Models to Study Genetic Diseases
Douglas Anderson, MD MS FACS: Current Advances in Xenotransplantation: Swine Models for Transplantation Medicine
Nicole Kirchhof, DVM DACVP: Pathology of Select Large Animal Models in Medical Device Research

RACE credits applied for = 3.5

Concurrent Session