ACVP and ASVCP Joint Plenary: Pathology of One Health

Session Chair: Kris Helke, DVM PhD DACVP | Jana M. Ritter, DVM DACVP

The plenary session addresses a topic with broad importance to the field of veterinary pathology. The 2022 plenary session will focus on One Health. The objective is to improve the attendee’s base of knowledge in several key aspects of the scientific topic that have gained importance due to recent scientific advancements. Planned talks include topics from leaders in the field of One Health focusing on animal sentinel events, environmental changes, tumor studies, and coronaviral reservoirs and how they impact and interact with human health. We will share achievements, challenges, and future directions in these growing and often overlooked areas of biomedical research and clinical practice.

MacDonald Farnham, DVM MS CPH: One Health-Based Approaches for Emerging Virus Surveillance
Craig Miller, DVM PhD DACVP: Comparative Pathology of SARS-CoV-2 Across the Animal Kingdom
Susan Shriner, BS MPA MSES PhD: SARS-CoV-2 in White-tailed Deer
Tara Harrison, DVM MPVM DACZM DACVPM DEZM CVA: Crossing the Species Barrier – Using One Health to Study Cancer
Leanne Flewelling, MS PhD: Harmful Algal Blooms and Associated Animal Health Impacts

RACE credits applied for = 3.5