A Taste of Toxicologic Pathology

Session Chairs: Jerrold Ward, DVM PhD DACVP FIATP | Ingrid D Pardo, DVM MS DACVP | Deepa Rao, BVSc MS PhD DABT DACVP FIATP

The workshop will provide a window into the wonderful world of toxicologic pathology. In a broad sense, toxicologic pathology encompasses basic medical research, and the toxicology and pathology involved in safety assessment of regulated products in general commerce. These include agents with potential for toxicity from environmental exposures (chemicals, food, radiation, noise) as well as of therapeutic candidates (small molecule drugs, biologics, medical devices, all other agents) being developed for the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases, including bioassays (in-vivo screening methods and animal models of disease) to fulfill the primary objectives of safety within the realm of regulatory risk assessment. The session includes presentations on selected topics ending with an open platform discussion between the audience and speakers.

Workshop program

Deepa Rao, BVSc MS PhD DABT DACVP FIATP: Introduction to Toxicologic Pathology
Jerrold Ward, DVM PhD DACVP FIATP: Toxicologic Pathology Nomenclature and Diagnosis
Ann Hubbs, DVM PhD DACVP: Environmental Toxicologic Pathology
Emily Meseck, DVM DABT DACVP: Safety Assessment
Keith Mansfield, DVM DACVP: The Role of the Pathologist in Drug Development: Focus on Emerging Technologies
Kevin Keane, DVM PhD FIATP: Stem Cell Therapy Development
Basel Assaf, BVSc PhD DACVP: The Case of Platform-Related Toxicologic Pathology of AAV-Based Gene Therapy Products
Ingrid D Pardo, DVM MS DACVP and Kristin Barnhart, DVM PhD, DACVP: Workshop Summary and Roundtable Discussion

RACE credits applied for = 3.75

ACVP Pre-Meeting Workshop